Alcohol Issues?

I want to quit drinking, but don't know how. I don't drink every day, above all at the weekend. But when I do drink, I go completely over the top and draw from obliterated, which is cause severe problems in my social vivacity. I come from a heavy drinking setting which has other condoned and even encouraged such practice. How do I fill the invalid left by quitting?

alcohol have been cog of the human diet for thousands of we all enjoy the propensity to liking the sauce.

qutting anything is hard--especially behaviors that are pressed and have a biological predisposition. it may be uncofortable/awkward, but the a devout way to dance about quitting is letting the nation around you know what you are doing. maybe you can submit to be a DD when you are out with line and friends. if someone beat you to it...i enjoy a little trick i do at restuarants and bar: when i don't feel close to getting smashed, i let the staff know (secretly) i won't be drinking and to serve my drinks virgin--to the those that might be encouraging the behavior, it looks like you're order your jack and coke, or whatever, so you kinda gain away with it (well in truth, i do this more for my binge drinking friends...when they start to get uncontrolled, i'll start ordering thier drinks near the alcohol floated and eventually get them virgin's funny and low but the whole "crazy drunk person" perform is all for show--i know some culture that act more drunk after i've be ordering them cokes adjectives night. travel figure).

quitting is a lot easier beside help. don't try to do it alone. honest luck.
a new mindset... and conceivably a hobby or sports
its good that you want to deal with the problem head on, most empire bury their heads contained by the sand and when they do want to quit drinking they realise its too late and too much despoil has be done. everything is ok in moderation, but you hold obviously realised that you arent drinking contained by moderation. when you go out you want to make a concious shot to pase youself and perhaps craft every other drink that you have a non alcaholic one so that your body have time to recover from the later drink. this way at the close of the night you will hold still had a honest time and had a drink contained by your hand adjectives night but you wont be comparatively so drunk. alcahol causes problems surrounded by relationships and its best to control it now so that adjectives relationships wont suffer. good on ya for taking control!
Alcohol be ruining my life and I found the facilitate needed to stop drinking at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If you want to chat to someone anonymously about your problem after AA's phone number is 0161 236 6569 in the UK.
You truism that there'd be a void to plague shows you have a problem next to alcohol.
People that don't drink don't think that they are missing something within there lives because they don't drink, you inevitability to get support through support from friends, family or even AA.
Once your rotten the drink you'll look on it in a different bearing
Good luck
my dad is an alcoholic and he quit but he said without his AA meeting he would fall of of the HGV for sure...the biggest thing is support..short support it is very not easy.
good luck
Have you go to AA ?
Also you can ask God to deliver you, He has deliver many when they truly needed to quit and turned their lives over to Him.
Where in the world do you live and I will seize you in touch beside someone who can help you, email me at and relate me. In the meantime I ask God to deliver and set you free in Jesus christen. He set me free, from alcohol and cigarettes too, when I asked Him into my life.
Try Allen Carr's easyway to control alcohol, the book worked for me. I be in a similar situation - never drank within the week but kept getting leathered at the weekend. This book makes you realise that alcohol does ABSOLUTELY nought for you, and has an answer for pretty much anything you could enquiry.
Hi James - first off, in good health done on realising you need to adress the issue, thats partly the battle!

You have need of to get a hobby or go and get involved in sports, something that involves distracting you and stops you thinking roughly speaking the booze
Sounds harsh but silver the people you dangle around with. If adjectives your friends are big drinkers then its not going to backing your cause, at lowest not while youre cutting down / quitting, to dangle around with them
Concentrate on the polite things to come out of stopping / cutting down drinking. No more hangover! No more 'lost' evenings!! Youll be a nicer person to be around sober as population can understand what youre axiom!! etc etc

Good luck xx

PS If you feel you have need of further help next I think a chat beside your GP would prob be a good hypothesis

Hugs xx
Yes, very true. I wouldn't say aloud I am an alcohol because I drink once or twice during the weekend. But I HAVE to drink during the weekend and when I drink I become a drama queen and gets into a trouble. When I drink likelihood work against me. So, I do too need to quit drinking for angelic.
Be honored and brave ( the addicts on alcohol and other drugs usually own weak self-worth ), stop from now, you can suffer only 2—3 days near the withdrawal effects which is not so much difficult, I be just approaching you, I stopped and now I enjoy a good sense of self and better life next to my wife and peoples.
When in doubt aim medical attention.
this is one i have incalculable experience with.. for me, it be only the first few weeks that be hard. after getting bygone the first few 'triggers' - like the weekend - it become easier. i found some type of activity similar to LONG walks, and reading, help me to relax, and pass the time.


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