Severe nouns stomach-ache, headache and swollen occipital lymph nodes...?

About 10 days ago I woke up in the middle of the hours of darkness with some d¨Ścolletage pain. I thought I have just slept on it wrong. But it have gotten worse, not better. Now I have severe neck/head twinge where the remains of my skull meets my nouns, the lymph nodes that are there touch swollen and are VERY painful even when I apply street lamp pressure. This pain have been giving me headache, mostly migraines every day. I enjoy a Dr. appt. later today but I want to see if anyone have had anything resembling this or know what it might be. I have to turn to a military Dr. who is actually only a physicians assistant. While I like him for everyday stuff, none of them are really righteous with wierd things and I'd similar to to go within with some thinking of what it might be.

Answers:    I have the SAME problem. I woke up yesterday morning contained by pain and by the back of the day I be crying. I took 5 extra strength Tylenols (500 mg's each) and 4 Excedrins (spell?) and it barely help. I even used a hot pack. This morning at 5:30 am I coudn't get out of bed to grasp more meds. my fiance had to relief me. The pain have gone into my left shoulder and into my upper stern. I'm also going to the doctors but I'm sure he won't be able to assist much other than make a contribution me pain pills.
If you integer something out, let me know, possibly we have impossible to tell apart thing...?
Can you touch your chin to your chest? If not, possibly it's spinal meningitis. Whatever it is, the doctor needs to treat you.

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