Anyone oblige around my knees plz?

10 years ago i hit my knee on the gorund playing football (soccer), it get swollen up & stretched out a bit, went to Hospital & they said nil wrong, duno if if it was MRI scan or what, but since that year my knees (left) is a bit different to my right knee, close to the knee is bit down my leg, sort of stretched out, whenever i do any hobby like football (Soccer), running , etc the knees always get a bit swollen up, i can bend it fully but always get the impression the stiffness, i dont know what to do, is this really bad? i denote its not like an infection is it cuz its be 10 years & i dont have trouble wake or anything its just the born contained by the knee looks lower to my leg & strethed out, & also resembling i stated swollows up a bit after i do sport, any suggestions? thanks.

See your doctor, report to them your worried about it, and if they cant find anything they might refer you on to a specialist.

I dont mull over its good that you knees does that, it sounds like theres something wrong,

But , similar to i said, i think you should see a doctor, because they'll hold the best advice and wisdom, and you never know it might have be broken, but they missed it, and as result it may have mended itself, but on a wrong angle or something.

Go to a better hospital and communicate them about your problem, see what they can do, detail them your story.
Ice that mother fvcker when you get done doing sports.

in recent times get an rime pad at you're local drug store.
or you could receive a knee brace.
research just about and try some supplements
1) Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM
2) fish grease
Take ibuprofen for the swelling, this will also help near the pain. I also enjoy an older injury to my right knees, and it flares up a lot. The doctor keep prescribing me Naprosyn, because I will not take a cortisone shot. There is nil an MRI will show, and the doctors only influence I set up bursitis or arthritis. So there be nothing they could do for me. I know what you are going through and at times it can be solid painful. Keep taking ibuprofen, and if the doctor will contribute you some Naprosyn, they work better.
Maybe you somehow have fluid contained by there? I enjoy heard around people getting their knees drained. I would suggest sports tablets doctor.

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