Are nearby form risks by wearing a formal shirt and tie rather tightly on a regular spring?

I like to wear resourcefully fitted shirts with stiff collars and a necktie tousled fairly tightly. I in reality find this very comfortable to wear and it give me no problems. I like to have a feeling the collar and tie round my neck and tend to wear it a impartial bit tighter compared to the average shirt and tie wearer.

However I am wondering if I could develop problems in adjectives years by constant use of wearing this outfit everyday to work every day? And are here increased health risks from wearing this type of tight clothing around my collar on a daily idea?

Tight ties have only just been implicated as a possible wreak of glaucoma. The cause is that the tight tie compresses the jugular artery raising the intraocular pressure. 70% of men over 40 have this effect.The pressure dropped to normal on removing ties--It be felt that this could raison d`¨ētre damage tothe retina over a interval of time. therefore dont wear tight ties
I see no problem presently as long as your comfortable and it does not restrict your movements.
Obviously, as you age your body will change and those shirts will not fit matching as they did before (no room to expand).
neckties and blouses are a fragment of my uniform, been wearing it for years. As long as you are not the type to sweat regularly, it should be fine, and really it's not too tight. A right fit should allow some room around the neck. If you do sweat alot though, wouldn't recommend it, could produce bad rash.
I don't think here are any risks as I have be wearing my shirts like this for years very soon and I've never suffered any problems (I'm 37). I think if anything, it is beneficial - slack collars can bring chafing and rubbing but a tight collar not only looks closely smarter but encourages pious neck posture and I if truth be told find a tighter collar a lot more comfortable to wear. I also put plenty of starch on the collar too which give it that stiifer edge and I hold never suffered any side effects. I can't bear to see collars next to the top button undone and the tie not properly fastened - it looks threadbare and I couldn't possbly imagine response comfortable dressed like this!

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