Are broken fingers a serious injury?

Because I broke 4 of them at the same time playing basketball but they hurt similar to hell and I am just wondering if I requirement to do something for them so that they heal properly.

What you inevitability to do is go to the emergency room and draw from them X-Rayed. And then they will be capable of treat them properly. Leaving them unattended will result in crooked fingers.
If you've sincerely fractured 4 of your fingers, and know for persuaded that they are broken, you need to walk have them set. In the best shield scenario, they would not heal properly, and it might affect you mortal able to use them. In the extreme worse covering scenario, you could get an infection internally, as resourcefully as gangrene in some cases.

Go to an emergency room, hold them X-rayed and have the fractures reduced and casted.
you should because your fingers can grow support croocked

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