22 weeks pregnant and own a question(spider bites)?

ok i am 22 weeks pregnant and just get over a bad grip of poison oak. i went to the docs cuz beside being pregnant i enjoy no idea what be safe to usse on it. presently yesterday i got bit i am assuming by a spider 3 times. 1 on my right knees 1 on my left ankle and the other on my big toe on my moved out foot. my knee is swollen and tremendously sore ,itchy and warm to the touch, my ankle is amazingly itchy and sore swollen and warm too but my toe is newly red. should i go return with it looked at or should i wait it out. my gut say get it checked out but is it going to be a withered trip like next to the poison oak since i can not get anything for that human being pregnant. please help me out if you can Thanks.

Spiders ooze a very low stratum toxicity in their bites call "magnomonognia". It is usually harmless to sound adults, but on a developing fetus the results can be fatal for the infant. Poison Oak, while very annoying, is non-hazardous. In fact, Native Americans who be carrying children used to ingest it in a tea. Poison Oak have great antioxidants in it that boost a childs immunity. In your case however, I would progress to the emergency room immediatly and tell them in the order of the spiders. If you can identify them as best you can so that you can tell the doctors what bit you.
Keep an eye on it, hold on to antiobitics on it, but you should be just fine.

As a rule, if itchy and a bit of swelling is the worst of your symtpoms, you're going to be fine. I would study for an allergic reaction, but but for, you AND the baby will come out simply fine.
by all method go to the doctors. spider bites are some piece not to play around with. I be bit under my arm and swelled so discouraging I needed surgery to have adjectives the affection and pus cleaned out, so please go. obedient luck with the babe.
Well if the bites occurred yesterday and those are adjectives your symptoms you will probably be fine, however definitely pay envelope attention to your body. Do you know if you can use beneadryl cream? That will reduce swelling and itching. You can probably check it out more on the Medmd site.

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