About hernia?

I had both side groin hernia but one side is still swollen but when i call the doctor he told me i will be okey for a well i have surgery on june 11 I STILL FEEL A BURGE ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND THE LEFT SIDE IS OKEY SO WHATS THAT BURGE if they fixed the hernia

Sounds like you hold a hematoma. Blood collection under the skin. As long as it is not getting bigger you are ok. Sometimes one hernia is harder to fix. If is vastly common after hernias to own bruising and swelling. I would not worru unless it is getting bigger. You should see an improvement every light of day. If you have another hernia you will find out soon adequate at your doctor's visit. If you enjoy increasing pain permit the surgeon know.
You need to craft an appointment with your Dr ASAP. There should be no bulge still to be feel or seen after your surgery. Either it did not pinch or you ruptured it again somehow. If your Dr will not get you within for a check in a timely comportment you need to walk to the ER and have them check you out so you don't really spoil yourself! Shame on your Dr for treating you like that minus even checking you! He should be reported!

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