So I own a unexpected fruitless quirk...?

I eat crushed red pepper. Just a pinch every half hour or so lacking any other food item. 'Cept maybe a mocha very soon and again. Is this good or bleak for me?

I dont think it will hurt. But perchance?
My hubby is mexican and eats SOOOO much hot stuff and he is fine!!
How is your butt?
My daughter can not chomp through hot stuff cuz it comes out the same firey hot as it go in!!
its not doomed to failure for you but wierd so rock on man
Not bad at adjectives......there are heaps countries now where on earth chili chocolate is all the wildness!
bet you never get colds or the flu. Red pepper is righteous for you, however, i would drink liquids while or after ingestion so it doesnt sit in your stomach and burn holes surrounded by it.
No, you look like a "hot" guy to me. But keep watch on your intake of mocha, it will do you in every time.
you gotta be Mexican they are addicted to chili and saline
and limes

cant be too good for your adjectives that agro in the stomach
I hear its a good entity and can prevent some diseases. good work ;)

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