Are my legs building muscle or are they pulled?

Yesterday morning i was doing squats and im not sure if i be doing them correctly or not, but after that my calves felt wobbly and feel the same path throughout the night. this morning my thighs be starting to hurt a lot. they still hurt. what is going on?

i believe what he said, you might merely be very sore from the depends if it be the first time you had worked out your leg muscles surrounded by a while, because the first time after a long break tends to enjoy a following of a few days of moderate pain from soreness
if it be a pulled muscle you would probably not be able to tramp, I tend to think you are simply really sore is all.
I a short time ago realized... : ) you could post a pic of your legs, possibly seeing them will help. Sorry, I am getting pretty discouraging at adding these endnotes! : (

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