7 Months Pregnant and Back Pain?

I'm 7 months pregnant and I've recently have to deal next to some rather annoying final pain. So far I haven't found a road to sit and be comfortable. Either it starts to hurt my back, my hips, or my legs, depending on how I sit. I'm doubtful to take Tylenol since it isn't THAT bleak, just really annoying and tremendously uncomfortable. No one like to live with that. I know it's a short time ago a part of pregnancy, and if it way a healthy tot, I'm for it, but does anyone have any tricks they found when pregnant that help alleviate some of the pain?

I sit at a desk seriously at work, but stretching and walking around the office is doing smaller quantity and less as time go by. I've found lying on my side does wonder (cuz it relieves some of the pressure on my spine and hips) but I can't just plop down on the floor within the middle of my office. That's impracticable and unprofessional. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


When I be prego I used ice pack a lot and sometimes heatning pad. It helped until I took it stale :) Only 2 more months, then you will hold to worry in the order of a different kind of distress! :) good luck
Four things:
1). You may enjoy Sciatica. If so: Have somebody press on the center of each hip to found the uncomfortable spots, and presses on it several times until the pain is blanch. You may need to do it over for several days; because the character helping you may be do not have Qigong.
2). When walking, try to hold upper body erect (straight), do not bend backward, so you can avoid putting too much stress on the low posterior.
3). Massage your low back.
4). If you use computer at work, adjust the blind higher and frontage to your eyes.

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