Is it broken or feebly bruised?

both my nuckles are purple and swollen.i dont know if there broke or merely badly bruised it hurts to piont them or get a tight closed fist.what to do with my paw? .if they are broken what to do with out going to hospital.? do i only ace it and put ice.

It is not that glib to tell whether a bone is broken or not, especially when it comes to knuckles. And not knowing what you did to injure your foot, makes it even more difficult.

If your appendage was only just badly bruised, consequently an ice pack and a couple of cramp killers would aid - but nobody can be certain in need an Xray, I would strongly advise that you lead for the nearest ER.

In general, signs and symptoms of a break are:

The casualty can hear or feel the bone break
Tenderness or dull pain
Inability to move that part of the body
Swelling followed by bruising
A grating rumble can sometimes be heard
Bleeding, if the skin have been pierced by the bone.
A loss of sensation below the injury verbs (which could indicate nerve damage)

Look after yourself and be undisruptive

Either way if its purple you entail to see the doctor. You cant risk our hand growing spinal column weird if it is in actual fact broken.
Sounds badly bruised to me from what you are writing - and from the certainty that you are hanging around here on ByeDr.coms typing and waiting for an internet feelings.

You can only really notify if it there is OBVIOUS defect - or a grating sound or sensation when you move the ends of a broken bone - but beside this sort of stuff there is usually so much throbbing that you go to the doctor already.

X-ray is a much better opening to tell if it is broken or not.

Certainly, Ice your appendage and elevate it.
You need to see a doctor right away. None of us can report you whether it's broken, but it sure could be. That's why they invented the xray machine.

And within is no home treatment for broken bones.
PURPLE AND SWOLLEN!! are u nuts!! u need to shift see a doctor at least gain an x-ray! i had an misfortune with my mitt once it too was purple and swollen and i too tried to avoid going to the doc it concluded up getting worst and i couldn't use my hand for a month. so hon please shift and get it checked out!

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