3 to 4MM right paracentral disc bulge at L5- S1 encroach upon right neuroforamen exacerbated by disc desicc

ation and 1 to 2 mm posterior disc bulge at L4-L5 with mild desiccation. what is the treatment for these problems?

From what I know of the spinal cord and vertebrae (I'm a neuroscientist - my studies focus on the brain and shy system, not the surrounding structures), it sounds as if you have some problems next to your discs.

L4, L5, and S1 are your lowest three vertebrae - your lumbar and your sacral vertebrae. Your neuroforamen is a holey bit behind your vertebra, and you hold some dryness in your discs.

I'd feel they'd want to perform a spinal thump to look at some of the cerebrospinal fluid in the discs. I don't know why they'd desiccate; your best bet is to see an orthopedist who's experienced surrounded by spinal treatment .
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