Are There Any Time-Released Pain Medications That Have Acetaminophen In Them?

Like Oxycodone/Apap or Hydrocodone/Apap, are any of them time realeased with the tylenol in it?

Im trying to figure out if you can get Oxycodone/Apap or Hydrocodone/Apap Time-Released.

What I think right now, is if there is tylenol in it that meens it is not time realeased. Is that correct?

Also, If A pill IS time released, what letters would be next to the brand? XL?


perks and viks are fast acting pain killers if you want a time release you would be thinking of oxycontin what is (depending on mg of pill) like 6 to 10 perks in one with a few time relese coating on and in it (thats why adicts break them to have it hit them all at once) time releses over 12 hours...

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