Brusies, tripping & falling versus man hit,pushed or shoved down.?

There are no marks on her hand like she tried to ensnare herself. Entire left side of obverse is bruised, teeth and glasses broken, impeccably round bruise under her pending necklace, left bruised knees, says she tripped...

She have reasons for her answer, and she will enjoy to deal near them.
Even if you know for sure what really happened, nearby is no provable crime if she refuses to agree.
I am very suspicious of that. And I feel you are right to be suspicious as well.
If she is over 18, in that is nothing you can do. If she is lower than 18 and you have proof that someone hit her, after you can talk to the police. But lacking that proof, there isn't much that can be done. Imagine, if anytime someone get hurt, we assumed they'd been abused, the unharmed country would be locked up. You need to be sure. She have to want to get support if she's an adult. I get a black eye years ago-I was looking down and someone open the door right into my face. But it sure looked similar to I'd been punched. My in one piece squad wanted to natter to my husband. He never hit me!

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