AHH my toenail is falling OFF!!?

OK. a couple days ago my toenail hurt but i didnt really pay attention to it. Now its so close to falling rotten i can see all the mode under it!! I'm getting freaked out. If/When it falls bad how long will it take to grow put a bet on! AHHHHHHHHHHHH..

it'll regrow in a few weeks. it'll grain like forever though :)
This happen to me - except with my fingernail, when I go camping concluding year! I fell in the river and hit my acrylic staple on a rock and it got huge chunks of gravel and dirt underneath my actual nail, cause it to fall bad..anyways, my real pin fell off once the brand new nail started to grow and push the hurt one out. It took more or less 3 months for my fingernail to grow back within it looked so gross while I was waiting lol I have acrylics on 9 fingers instead of 10...anyways =) It will grow back, only just give it some time.!! apt luck!!
if you haven't hit it on something or dropped something on your toe to cause it to bruis, etc. afterwards you probably have a fungal infection beneath the toenail and will need to see the doctor to go and get medication or your nail might not grown pay for or the pattern may verbs. good luck
dont touch it and it will whip about 1-2 weeks

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