Any store bought meds moral for tart reflux?

Prilocec is the best> It's what my doctor recommended and it works wonders.It does take a few days to start working but consequently no more acid reflux.I transport it for 28 days then stop for 14 days consequently take it for 28 days.It's how my doctor recommend I take it.
a teaspoon of baking soda within 1/2 glass of hose is as good as anything. Immediate nouns.
Try Pepcid or Zantac. They both work but I prefer Zantac. They should at least minister to.
zantac 150
Goldwing knows, that's my granny's remedy and it works as a interim solution. If you are suffering from persistent tart reflux, go receive a prescription for treatment.
prilosec works best for mine! :)
Temporarily medications are ok.But within the long run you should develop good behaviour like food control--eat angelic vegetarian food and avoid pepper and acid foods.Sleep resourcefully and dont wake up contained by the middle of night brooding on nil.Take regularly cold milk in small quantity.Avoid worries.take alkaline fruits close to banana.
Regular exercises to the body is essential.avoid all fried foods.Take plenty of dampen.Keep away from alcoholic drinks.
Medically get checked for any ulcer and follow doctor's advise.
Above adjectives stop self medication.It will spoil your stomach and kidneys also.

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