Any Doctors out nearby? i really involve give support to.?

Ok, for like the closing 5 days, my left wrist have been hurting me, right on the constituent of the wrist below the thumb. It slightly hurts when i move it up and down. And really hurts when i move it side to side. It hurts really bad when i plain a where i cant even turn the knob. It also really hurts if i try and pick something up...I connote, it hurts even when i get dressed resembling when i pick up the shirt/pants and get dressed. When i bend my thumb, it hurts too. My mom is making me wear a wrist brace similar to this one:

What do you think can be wrong. There is no swelling from what i can see. Please give a hand.

Could be either tensoynovitis of one of the tendons surrounded by your wrist or fracture of the scaphoid bone in your wrist. I would recommend that you turn see an orthopedic doctor to have the wrist examined and enjoy an x-ray taken to make sure in attendance is not a fracture of the scapoid.
Could be a sprain or fracture if you have have a fall.

Or it could be repetitive strain injury if you spend closely of time on keyboard, guitar, writing etc.

See a doctor.
it could be heaps things. A sprain,or a fracture. i would try and go to the doctor if it does not bring better in a couple of days
sounds approaching " de Quervains" tendonitis. do a google search on it. you can do a self experiment to find out for sure

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