Any doctors out within? I really call for back.?

Ok, for like the end 5 days, my left wrist have been hurting me, right on the part of the pack of the wrist below the thumb. It slightly hurts when i move it up and down. And really hurts when i move it side to side. It hurts really bad when i instigate a where i cant even turn the knob. It also really hurts if i try and pick something up...I stingy, it hurts even when i get dressed close to when i pick up the shirt/pants and get dressed. When i bend my thumb, it hurts too. My mom is making me wear a wrist brace close to this one:

What do you think can be wrong. There is no swelling from what i can see. Please facilitate.

You really need to see a doctor, nobody have the right to diagnose you over the internet, it's dangerous.

Having said that, it could merely be RSI, do you distribute text messages like mad?

Please do see a doctor, it'll set your mind at rest. They'll probably take an x-ray and run a couple of test for arthritis etc.
Do not accept a diagnosis from a complete stranger on a message board, it could be a 10 year ancient you're talking to!

Good luck.
Maybe you own carpul tunnel syndrome. Are you on a computer a lot? That is the first point I thought when I read your post. I know people who own had that and you hold the same symptoms. I'm not a doctor though.
Maybe Carpal Tunnel?

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