Ankle sprained... ?

I'm 16... almost 17, and I sprained my ankle pretty bad yesterday. I go home and iced it and elevated it. When I woke up the pain be horrible, but now (6:00 pm), it not quite hurts to walk on immediately. Should I be walking on it a LITTLE bit, just to stretch it a touch, or should I just try to completely stay stale of it until it feels posterior to normal?

If your foot isn't cause you too much pain, the walking on it shouldn't be a problem...newly don't over do it for a day or two.

Rest your foot as much as possible. Keep it elevated when resting. If it swells somewhat after exercise, then budge back to the rime.

Good luck
If you do walk on it, later try not to do to much. Elevate it when your just home. But don't stroll on it unless you really have to. Hope you consistency better! <333
keep resting it and elevating it. Try taking an anti inflammatory for the discomfort, if here is any swelling. Also try an ace wrap and wrap it around your ankle for compression. If it still bothers you in the subsequent couple days you should really get it checked out by a doctor for the proper treatment that you stipulation for your injury and possibly an xray. good luck
You should turn see a podiatrist to get it checked out so it'll treat up better and quicker. I usually say it's better to stop it for 5 or so days in a riding boot and a compressive ankle wrap, then move about to just a compressive wrap one and only and then own the doctor send you to physical analysis which will help you draw from better quicker. Until then, stay past its sell-by date of it until you see your doctor. Continue to ice and elevate it. Hope this help!

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