Any philosophy how not to be bored while convalescing near sore hand?

A friend must convalesce for two weeks and is already really bored with TV. They hold sore hands so that even holding a book, internet typing, holding a phone etc hurts after a short whle. Any accepted wisdom on ways to keep them settled? I've only come up beside playing patience and keeping the pack on the table.

Audio books. Learn Spanish.
Speaker phone, holding a book unfold with their wrist and not their elbow, taking walk or hikes, learning to paint beside their teeth.
REad funny stories to them or tell joke! Draw him! Show him the iphone video!
Read to them, take them for walk, look through family albums, listen to music or the radio.
Painting next to the feet
Relax, meditate, listen to music. Dream & visualize "positive projects," for then, successful, implementation. Maybe, try out the age-old, Reader's-Digest concept of "Armchair Travellogue."
Get into listen to local radio. You might learn something and also find it entertaining
If you are discussion about Marge, narrate her to go to her caravan within Wales.
sounds like your friend requests to use their brain- could they look thorugh eg cookery books (laid on a table) and plan a menu that you could cook them? of really tough puzzle books with lots of thinking and smaller number writing (maybe it is just me who is ominous at soduku!) you must get her a riveting book- i couldnt put dan brown down( err if you see what i anticipate!) what about something different tv/dvd wise- a comedy dvd or a funny show?
then near are art galleries/museums and "looking" activites
atke them for a drive out somewhere

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