Abdominal misery and bleeding?

For the past three months I enjoy had LLQ agony which has increased within severity -- the pain immediately radiates upward contained by a line to my belly button. The dull pain feels resembling a heaviness or immensity in my tummy. From the middle of May until the middle of June, I passed tissue-like clots streaked with blood. I hold bad lower wager on pain, am hugely fatigued. The pain sometimes "flares" up and become even worse.
Last night I go to the emergency room, because of tingling/tenderness on my right side from scalp down to my arm. I blacked out from the pain and be unconcsious for a couple of minutes.
The problem?
I have have pelvic exams, blood tests, pregnancy test, pelvic and abdominal ultrsasounds and they have adjectives found nothing. The ER doped me up on Demoral and sent me home, motto that nothing be wrong.
I am seeing an internal specialist tomorrow and would appreciate any personal experiences, thoughts or questions which could front me and my doctor to discovering what is wrong.

This sounds like a Gynecology issue. You could possibly enjoy Endometriosis. I have just now been diagnosed beside it and I have profoundly of the symptoms that you have. I own had 3 children and never have a problem with it in the past but about a year ago I started have SEVERE abdominal/back pain, HEAVY, irregular menstrual cycles, fatigue. I have exploratory laproscopic surgery in January and they confirmed the diagnosis. (That's really the single true test to confirm it.) You should really see your GYN.
hmm, a cyst or something? a split pelvic bone? im sorry, i hope you start to grain better.
is sounsd like your interval.
fybroids or cyst....you need to shift to the doctor ASAP if you are passing blood clots the size bigger than a quater you have need of immediate attention. Also check out WEBMD for added info.
According to my copy of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, there are 9 possible conditions relating to the LLQ

I enjoy listed adjectives 9 below and have also provided further reference with admiration to those diseases that appear to be related to your problem. However Sigmoid Diverticulitis and ulcerative colitus appear to be the closest matches to your description.

Sigmoid Diverticulitis - see also http://www.emedicine.com/radio/topic183.

Salpingitis - see also
http://www.mamashealth.com/women/salping... http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic2059.h...

Tubo-Ovarian Abscess
Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Incarcerated hernia
Perforated Colon

Crohn's disease - see also
http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases... and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/crohn's_dis...

Ulcerative Colitis - see also

Renal/Uretal Stone

Look after yourself and be undamaging
I hope this wasn't in the US. Other countries may treat their patients resembling this, but in the US we hire them. We are free to consult whomever we want and we don't hold to accept any one diagnosis or treatment plan. I would report that dr.

Consider, if the internist can't find the trouble, seeing a neurologist--that crazy tingling on your right side have neurology written all over it.

Best wishes,
This problem could be cause by a number of things.I plead you to pursue this with your doctor,and if you don't capture any satisfaction near one,see another.This is a great board,but I doubt if there are heaps doctors on it.Please get professional relief with this.God bless.
What is you age?? Any problems next to your bowels??Diarrhea or constipation?? Any fever,chills or sweats?? Is the throbbing occurring after moving your bowels or before?? How is your fantasy?? Any changes?? Headaches?? Numbness or tingling?? You did mention that you experienced tingling/tenderness on your right side of your scalp that radiate ( spread ) to your right arm.This is could possibly indicate a neurological issue.Has that ever happened formerly?? Do you have a history of a heart murmur or other heart problems?? It is slightly possible that more than one thing is going on. I hope that this help and Good Luck !
Holy cow!! Forget Yahoo questions and turn to a specialist.
I think you should manufacture an appointment with a gastroenterologist to see if there's any GI problems going on. Any time you enjoy bleeding like that, it's pretty serious. i have some serious pain that made me intervene out about a year ago and it turned out to be an intestinal blockage. i be sick for a week before i found out what it be. I had to own a portion of my small intestine removed. I hope you get better. agree to me know what happens.

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