Any Doctors out nearby?? Help on First Aid Kit!?

What are the uses for the following?? Explain! and FAST!!

first aid cartridge
antiseptic wipes
antihistamine/anti-ich lotion
cold pack
antibiotic liniment
digital thermometers
chicldren's stregnth acetaminophen/ibuprofen
electrolyte solution

i work for a first aid serving company in southern calif, some items your missing. ammonia inhalents for faint, c.p.r. barrier curtain, triangular bandage,for sprains or breaks, latex or nitrile gloves, eye cups, eye pad non adherant pads. try and also check for the A.N.S.I. standards
bandage - wrapping wounds, stop bleeds.

gauze - place under the bandage to stop bleeding. can be soaked in an antiseptic to verbs an area of skin. can be used to verbs a wound as well (see if your antiseptic allows application on instigate wounds).

first aid tape - to hold dressings contained by place

antiseptic wipes - to verbs a cut or graze

antihistamine/anti-itch lotion - bug bites

cold pack - if you bump your head. to fall swelling.

tweezers - to pick out thorns. to pluck your eyebrows :)

scissors - cut the gauze. cut clothing, like when you want to try doing cpr.

antibiotic liniment - apply on wounds before dressing them.

digital thermometers - check heat (normal around 98.6 degrees farenheit)

children's stregnth acetaminophen/ibuprofen - affliction killers. don't use on an not taken stomach or with history of gastritis

electrolyte solution - prevent dehydration. afford in cases of more than 3 episodes of diarrhea.
I would attach rubber gloves to your list or paraphernalia... you just never know and I don`t know some scissors in suitcase you have to cut a piece of clothing... Bottled marine in baggage someone gets something within the eye and you have to clean up it out. Hope this helps somewhat!!
bandages-to cover up minor wounds and to hold gauze in place
gauze-to cover up lager wounds and also can be used to verbs cuts and other types of injuries
first aid tape-to hold any first aid material surrounded by place
antiseptic wipes-to disinfect wounds and to clean out any dirt
antihistamine/anti-Itch lotion-to run down irration
cold pack-to reduce swelling and to oblige cool the body
tweezers-to remove any forign body on the surface of the skin
scissors-to cut the needed materials or clothing
antibiotic ointment-to prevent infection
digital thermometers-to determine body temp
chicldren's stregnth acetaminophen/ibuprofen-to reduce spasm childerns becuase it is a lower dose and wont be to strong
electrolyte solution-to help replace body fluids
For scissors I recommend a small set of two of bandage scissors and also a couple of EMT shears. The small bandage scissors work great for adjectives gauze to length but they don't cut clothing easilly. The shears are made to quickly cut through immense clothing like jeans or leather.

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