Are nearby any vigour risks from standing adjectives year?

I work in a department store and I hold to stand for eight hours a day straight, next to only an occasional five minute break. Are nearby any health risks for standing adjectives day long? The floor is really concrete and my feet and legs hurt after work. Is it only aches and pains I own to worry almost or can you get blood clots or something from standing and walking too long?

varicose vein is about the merely health side affect a on form person should verbs about and specifically something that takes years to build
No, in attendance are no health hazard unless you're overweight. If you're overweight, you could end up next to varicose veins after that in existence or arthritis in your knees.
The first creature is right. The veins are a biggie. But, if they hurt that desperate, and I know how bad they can hurt because I stand too, it won't pinch years. Just keep an eye on the vein and your feet and legs. If you can, a extremely hot bath help ALOT! As hot as you can stand it. It will only concluding for about 10 minutes the extraordinarily hot and that's all you obligation to make your legs grain a whole lot better.

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