Any abet to promise next to a difficult mother who at 86 is addicted to misery medication & is so anxious ?

Not a good sign.

Most headache meds create lethargy [tiredness].
She could be hooked big-time.
If you don't trust the physician who give them to her,
take her for a second assessment, and fast.
Even a primary contemplation doctor can help.
She may entail to be detoxed off those meds.

It wishes to be done easily, not necessarily merely because of her age, but also because of the withdrawals.

If she won't listen to explanation, call her doctor, and enunciate that you know they aren't allowed to share information with you, probably, because she has to sign a release for them to confer to you. but just convey them you don't want information --- you want to GIVE them information about her problem, and you are awfully concerned.

God bless you, may you get her lend a hand soon.
Make sure she is under doctors' supervision and try and wean her past its sell-by date the pain drug.
Try putting her on an anti-anxiety pill and then try weaning her from the torment meds...maybe if she's smaller quantity anxious, she'll need the twinge meds less?
At that age she desires to have her medication adjusted. The cramp medication might be making her anxious. I have never hear of anyone at that age being addicted to spasm medication, however there must be family that are in anguish and need it.
You own to understand where on earth she is in go. She is probably terrified of dying or at the remarkably least getting sick.

Just try and deduce her as best as you can. Unfortunately after taking narcotics for a while there is dependency and some population just can't function lacking it.
you can find help from her doctor or better, if you can find one who have some training in gerontology
it is basic to know if she has TRUE pain or rationale for her anxiety; is she isolated? does she have social contacts or is she lonely? have she had a recent fright or bug?
Many elderly people become anxious, it a moment ago seems to come to pass to the elderly. Have a talk near her medical doctor about her addiction to the throbbing medication and see if the doctor can change the treatment program, so that she feel less anxious and relieved of headache.

It's very difficult of taking keeping of your parents as an adult. They want to still treat you as the child and they don't realize that they necessitate the help. The role reversal is not assured.
It sounds like you obligation to make an appointment next to your mother’s doctor. Both of you need to be in motion in, and bring every pill bottle within her house that you can find. You will want to set up the appointment with the doctor letting them know within advance that you are nearby to go over adjectives of your mom’s medications, the proper uses, doses, and any possible interactions. Also permit them know your concerns with her anxiety. Talk next to your mom before the appointment; ask her to be honest next to you about her distress levels. She may be have more pain that she let on since she may not want to worry you. Her anxiety may also be a sign of an below laying ailment, or she may be trying to cut back on her anguish meds and having some mild subtraction symptoms.

Depending on the pain medication that your mom is taking she may enjoy very severe withdrawal if you try to get her past its sell-by date of them on your own. She may need to be admit to the hospital to go through supervised withdrawal, or a step back calendar set up. She may also just be following her doctor’s instructions on the prescriptions and not questioning what they are prescribing her, the dose, etc. You can become addicted to aching medications at any age, so discussing her option with the doctor will put both of your minds at contentment.
Put her to sleep.
My Mother was also addicted to agony meds to,she was 82 I reflect on at 86 it would not be a good perception to put her through withdrawal,I moved out my mother alone and she was fine as long as she have her pain pills let face it at that age I am sure she have all types of pains .If she is within pain at her age she should be gone alone and should not suffer.My mother pass away at 83 and I know she be not in dull pain when she died I see no since in making someone that frail suffer in anyway,mental or physical.

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