What's wrong next to my chihuahua??

He is a 7 year old chi. He started crying one darkness and panting, racing around the house, would not sit down...Long story short, I too him to the vet. They did blood work, xrays, anal gland check up and expression..etc. They found nought wrong, except for the fact my dog act like he's on crack and within pain. He have taken prednisone for a week now but that make it worse. Is it pain he is surrounded by? Perhaps his legs, knee patella luxation, spinal injury?? AHHH..I don't know what to do. It already have cost me $350 at the vet for all the test. Help. Give me ideas to at tiniest google and research. I hope it's not neurological.

Just a quick cross-examine. Is your dog pooping? A friend of mine had a Yorkie who did that. It turned out that the dog have eaten a see of hair from the litter that my friend had cleaned from her hairbrush. The fleece got caught within the dog's intestines. The vet had to do surgery to clear it up. I unquestionably hope THAT isn't the problem.
gosh, it sounds more like he's upset roughly speaking something then that he have something physically wrong with him. sometimes dogs develop these mysterious illnesses. it can put you vertebrae. i think the subsequent step is an ultrasound. otherwise, just lurk a bit and see if it passes.hope so! contained by the meantime, check around the house and pay attention to noise and stuff outside your house and make sure here isn't something bothering him.
this is not a animal pain managment its humans. post give or take a few your chihyahaha somewhere else.

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