After my ACL surgery, what should I plan to wear?

Will I be able to wear long pant, and will I e able to clutch off the brace to carry dressed or will it be too painful? I'm not going to own to cut all my pant off on one leg, am I? Should I simply plan for sweatpants?

Shorts or loose pants will be can other wear the brace on the outside of your pants if you enjoy to wear pants that are too tight for the brace, but that looks odd. You will most definitely be capable of take the brace stale anytime you just own to wear it while walking b/c your quad muscle (front of the thigh) will be too weak to prevent your knees from collapsing while walking the the first 1-3 wks.
you will need to wear short pant for the first couple of weeks then you can wear long pant and put the brace on over the pants.
I would plan on sweatpants and shorts for the first few weeks. You will probably be more comfortable within shorts since it is summer!!

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