I hold rather lower rear spasm, what could it be?

I have some lower rear pain within my lower right hip. It almost feels approaching it's below my hip and at the top of my butt. I hurt it initially doing deadlifts. I don't remember an exact situation when I hurt it working out. It almost seems resembling it was from over working or fatigue. I worked out indigestible legs on a Wed and then substantial back on Thursday. Probably wasn't a smart conception. I imagine it's a brass neck being pinched. Could it newly be muscles pushin on my nerve? Any guesses?

it's possible that you enjoy irritated the sciatic nerve. That's other possible with the type of workouts you be doing. I recommend you see a chiropractor as they deal near sports medicine and will know how to tell you what is the problem and also provide you relief on the first treatment.
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id move about to the doctor
You probably over worked the muscle. Rest it for a while. You can alternate cold and hot packs and appropriate Tylenol.
Sounds like sciatica.
One word honey, Sciatica.. I have a ruptured disc sitting on my sciatic nerve, the spasm i was surrounded by when it started sounded just resembling what ur describing. GET IT CHECKED OUT NOW! it could get worse, I agree to it go and consent to it go and tolerate it go until I couldn't stand the stomach-ache anymore and I ended up have to have a support surgery that nearly took my life. Please PLEASE turn to the doctor!

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