Anyone suffered a fractured vertabrate and still walking any long trem problems?

well i hold 2 fractured vertabrae right now.
they are compression fractures.
if you are within a TLSO brace
or a "clamshell" it should be getting better
the doctors do not presume that i will have long occupancy problems.
and i'm hoping i don't cuz i'm only 14
it's a moment ago going to take a while.
steal it really easy
no lifting
good luck.
hope you catch better :D
I have a cracked vertebrate surrounded by my lower back.I enjoy pain 24/7 and get worse with walking.
yes I fractured two vertebrae contained by a fall down the stairs (and no I be not drunk) the scar tissue that have now formed cause a lot of stomach-ache especially when it is cold or damp. There is zilch that can be done with mutilation tissue so it is grin and bare it beside good agony killers. It does affect my walking somewhat.

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