After spine surgery of back pain is continue. What should I Do?

Hello, Sir
Good Morning.
Sir, I have one problem please give me the solution of the problem
Sir My mother(Age-60) has done spine surgery because she is suffering
from legs pains and legs looks like wrong.
As per the doctor said operation of spine surgery is successfull.
Although still after the one year of spine surgery my mother having hard pain, and not get any relecsation from pain.
Please give the advise in the same case. or give the address and telephone number of well known spine surgen, so that i can take the advise from them.

Bye.. With thanks.

Sometimes it can take the body some time to heal from surgery and with the spine that can take a bit longer than is considered normal with other kinds of surgical procedures.

I would recommend letting the surgeon know what is going on even though it's been a year so that it can be documented on the chart and then I would recommend talking to her primary care dr about getting a consultation with a Pain Management dr.

As for another spine surgeon I don't have any names to recommend but check with some of the Medical Schools in your area if they are close by as they often deal with complicated cases that most private practice drs don't see.

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