18 living on my own and no medical insurance...?

I've been looking at every medical website I can consider of and I can't figure out whats wrong next to me. I have a disorientation, headace, sore throat, and infection in both my eyes it seem, and small itchy bumps under my skin adjectives over my arms/neck/legs. If I absolutely own to go to the hospital I will. But the bill would be on me. I importantly doubt my parents would help. I simply recently moved here to Cali so I don't hold a job atm and I haven't started college but. So I understand how prominent medical insurance is and I would have it. But I get unlucky and got sick back I got the fate. So I'm just trying to want if I should just progress to the hospital and slowly pay the bill whenever I can or if its not that serious. I'm mostly worried in the order of having that bill when I'm trying to attain my student loans. I'm not sure if it would keep me from doing so. Any serve at all would be greatly appreciated.

budge to a clinic, there cheap or free, depends on how much you craft, you make zilch so probaly almost free. also if you give me your closure code city and state, well you said cali, i could facilitate you find one. just e-mail me at johns_girl_trin@yahoo.com
but you really obligation to go to some sort of doctor, any kind of bumps isn't dutiful! get resourcefully soon
One thing to consider is that it would cost significantly smaller quantity to go to an urgent guardianship center, a walk-in clinic, than to go to the hospital. Plus, ER personnel normally get irritated when folks use the ER for something that's not truly an emergency. Depending on your financial situation, you may even be able to find a free clinic. If you telephone call the hospital, they might be able to tender you the names of some clinics. Good luck.
Are you sure you aren't on your parents insurance? If you are going to college, I bet you are. Students can stay on their parents insurance until they are 21--as long as they stay contained by school. You better chitchat to your parents.
And don't go to the hospital. That would be expensive because it's NOT an emergency. You find an urgent/immediate thoroughness center that will cost you MUCH less. But tell to your parents first. I bet you DO have insurance.
The small itchy red bumps ... stir to this website & see if this fits your condition:
Here is a site w/pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/scabies...
If yes, then the treatment is a bottle of lotion which is available over-the-counter ($5 or so) from any pharmacy/drug store.
If no, beckon around & find yourself a free clinic (Planned Parenthood might have a list). Good luck!
Check the cooperation below, you may be entitled to some state of california medical benefits even if you are new to CA. You may also qualify for some other benefits as an indigent fully developed, check with your local county social services department. I'm not sure, but they may be the organize agency to apply for medi-cal through as well.


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