Are in attendance any antidepressants that dont constipate you as bleak as others do?

Zoloft does not constipate you at all. Lexipro doesn't any.
A known side effect of Zoloft can be diarea.
i be constipated on zoloft, prozac, wellbutrin, and one other i can't remember the name of, but not celexa. bring fiber and drink lots of water and exercise ( right for your mental health)
Paxil and Prozac. If you're constipated, try using Metamucil (brand name for psyllium) twice a morning. Drink lots & lots of water, achieve some exercise, eat foods next to fiber, esp. fruit and veggies.
Lithium. Lithium is a great anti-depressant ive been on it for a year and it have done wonders. Ive never had a problem beside conctipation before near it. Hope this helps!

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