A request for information roughly speaking contact lenses?

I'm at my grandmas house and i dont have my cleaner or saline near me. they have really fruitless water out here. is it unpromising to put them in my shield with bottled hose overnight?

yeah i think it may ause infection
Yes as abundant bottled waters are just touch water to be exact bottled and a label is slapped on the bottle and they charge a giant price for it. It there is a convenience store interested you need to run there and bring some solution for your contacts. If you have no solution you own to find some way to procure some.
no ive done that b4
I have be in your shoes previously, and as undesireable as it sounds, its okay to use clean bottled sea to store your lenses. BUT, if you really need them to see, remember that you won't be capable of put them back contained by tomorrow morning (not until you can rinse them with saline).

In my experience: when I tried to put them rear in, the lenses feel stiff against my eye and it was comparatively uncomfortable. It really have something to do with saline making the lenses smoother. If you involve them to see tomorrow, I would sleep with them surrounded by (I've done this many times, much to the chagrin of my opthamologist, and I own never lost a lens in my eye). They might be a bit dry in the morning, but it will dance away soon.

Good luck!
Ive done it before, nil should happen only just don't wear them again until you have vanished them disinfecting for 24 hours. If you have to wear them tomorrow later just find some solution somewhere or even some eye drops can facilitate. Use it as solution and your contacts will be OK, just run to a corner store and get eye drops for $1.00 its better than using regular dampen.
Water can make them disintegrate. Get some solution for them.
u must own solution. water will product them burn and can set up infection. there must be somewhere that will hold some solution because with the river ya vison will not be clear in the mornin
hello at hand.
i used to work for an opticians and yes it is really bad, bottled hose is just as desperate as tape hose down, what you need to do is if you own your glasses consequently ware them until you can get some solution from a shop or a local opticians. If you cant attain any solution then you will basically have to ware your specs, as you will be putting yours eyes at risk of an infection. thank you Joanne

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