"Is it okay to bend your elbow when nearby is an IV surrounded by your arm?"?

This isn't a question, newly a comment from an earlier closed ask. WHAT?? Since when is a needle 'still' within the i.v. cannula as portrayed in one of the answers? I shrill at the amount of general public who think they know everything something like the medical profession. The second answer was basically as laughable. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't ask the nurse to pilfer a perfectly viable i.v. out (one that you ALREADY took the twinge to get) just to be more mobile. Lets facade it, you aren't going to be doing cartwheels while recieving your dose of meds/fluids, right? It is OK to bend your elbow, there isn't a plunger in your arm, to some extent it is a flexible tube so you CAN bend it. The blood in the i.v. will eventually be flushed spinal column, dpending on the rate of your infusion. Thanks, have a nice morning.

Right on, brother!
I wouldn't imagine the point of their press was to suggest that they knew everything nearly the medical profession, but rather to inquire if it be okay for them to bend their arm when hooked up to the IV. It sounds like an innocent grill. Calm down.
We don't all know the answers approaching you do, that's why we're here.
Did that, recently, surrounded by my sleep.
Pulled it loose.
Actually, sometimes bending your elbow will cause the IV fluids to stop if the IV catheter is within the bend of the elbow (antecubital area) so it's not the best idea to bend your elbow, but it isn't certain to cause any injure to the body other than it not delivery the necessary IV fluids, which it surrounded by itself can be disastrous if it's something like insulin or blood pressure medicine, in which overnight case you could die as a result of not receiving the important IV fluids. Sooooo, the best thing to do is hang on to your elbow straightened if you have an IV catheter surrounded by your antecubital area.

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