?'s around infected guages?

my husband has his ears guaged for over a year at 1 ". they get infected and swollen. he had to lift out jewlery ( silicone tunnel) the area at the stern bottom of lobe turned blackish.. i assume dried blood. and that blood keeps comming past its sell-by date like a scab. his lymphnode is swollen and he say his ear and lymph node and jaw only by his ear hurts. hes visiting me contained by canada from the us and WONT go to the dr. i know nil about peircing i want to know if i should force him to go to the hospital or continue it out like he say. it looks... yucky and smells worse ! ! ! !

It is infected and he needs medical attention.

As the first answer stated, it is possible to own to amputate part of the ear or even worse his infection go septic (infection in the blood stream than can be fatal).

Below is a great website I found that will answer any piercing put somebody through the mill you have in a minute or in the adjectives.

This happened to my friend. He wait, and it got to be completely bad. Big infection.. they have to take slice of his ear off because of how doomed to failure it got.

So I reason you need to force your husband to walk. He needs to steal a pain reliever, and drink plenty of marine. But you really do need to transport him to the doctor. Asap.

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