Anemic and on meds but not fancy better. . .?

I found out like a month ago I'm anemic. I'm taking 325mg of ferrious sulfate (spelling) a hours of daylight. The average female is with the sole purpose supposed to have 18 mg of iron a light of day. The doctor told me that after about a week I'd discern better. I wouldnt be as sleepy or anything. Well its been resembling 3 1/2 weeks since I started taking the meds and I dont feel better. Actually I have a feeling worse. I'm now sleeping 10-12 hours of sleep a darkness and during the day I extremity up falling asleep again for 1-2 hours. I dont know what to do. I was told to pocket a cool shower to keep myself awake (dont work) and I be told to go for a hike to stay awake. I get sleepy again as soon as I gain our the shower or back from my pace. What should I do? Could something else be wrong?

You need to find out why your anemic. And the certainty that your tired can be a sign of a low blood count. Your red blood cells take oxygen to your body which is like food. If that number is low, your body will not hold the energy it requests. The dose of iron your taking is common, if on the low side. I've given three times that amount patients. The only side effect that you necessitate to be concerned about it constipation. Another factor would be only how low your blood count was. You may enjoy benefited from blood transfusion instead of a slow gradual rebuilding with Iron pills. Which will steal a while. You need to speak to your doctor, tell him how you surface, and have your blood count checked again to see if your making progress.
Did the Dr. amount out the cause of your Iron not as much as anemia? You need to find the explanation and treat that, too not just the anemia itself.
In her book Let's Get Well, Adelle Davis give some great advice on diet and anemia (as economically as most other areas of health). Check out also Prescription For Natural Cures by Balch and Stengler which has an excellent discussion on anemia and adjectives sorts of good proposal. (it is not a simple subject). Good luck!
If you don't start feeling better soon you should probably turn back to the doctor. I enjoy anemia which I take Folic Acid for and it works pretty worthy.

it be that my body wasn't willing to properly occupy the iron in that form

the single option for me be to eat broccolli every daylight for 4 weeks and beef liver (cooked, of course) twice a week for that same period of time

also. 20 years subsequent, I still have to supplement broccolli at smallest 2 times per week & liver 1-2 time per month in directive to maintain

Hope that Helps :)
i have the same problem, so ican relate. this is what you do: switch over to a different type of iron. you might also requirement more calcium and magnesium. call your local gnc or vitamin world for more info.
only take iron pills or ask your doctor just about it because iron pills build up your blood.

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