Am I still within the health-giving process or something else?

I have have foot surgery to remove two fragments of bone in my right foot wager on in October of final year. I fell from a ladder and land on my toe - I didn't realize that I broke something until it healed and I have pain so I go to the doc and he saw a fracture that healed but have fragments around so I had surgery to remove them. I go to PT since I have tingling outlook on the top of my foot near the surgery site. And that have been going perfect. But I recently go to a water park and go swimming and that was fine but one and only for like two hours. So I arranged to rest but it hurt to much even hurt when just walking through the marine ( like when you shuffle your foot ) The pressure of the water on my ankle and surgery site hurt, but when I touch it it doesn't hurt that much. Is this something unmarked or am I still healing?

Foot surgery can run awhile to heal up from sometimes up to 6mo and to a year. Even if it's as simple as taking 2 bone fragments out. I'd suggest contacting your surgeon to produce sure it's not something else and get a x-ray to craft sure things are healing ok underneath. It's plausible from what you say that the guts maybe entrapped in the neighbourhood your surgery site and it's taken some time for it to get better. Try to work on mobilizing your blemish with Mederma and Vit E cream to loosen up the nouns. If that doesn't help, later again see you surgeon and he may need to inject the nouns with cortisone to characteristics of free up the nerve. Hope this help!
You are still healing. It take a year or more to feel 'normal' after foot surgery, contained by my experience.

Water pressure can irritate a healing site. You may want to not do that again

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