Anyone know what it technique when your nipples hurt reallly doomed to failure?

my nipples are really sensitive and hurt real bleak out of no where. they are also a bit red. I hold no idea why this is. They enjoy no been messed beside by anyone or anything. they hurt bad though and own been for the later two days? plz help

It is possible that nearby could be a change going on surrounded by your body. It could be part of you mortal on menstrual cycle and that part of the cycle where on earth aches and pains may occur. But to be on safe in motion see your DR and explain what is going on with you.
Hope things are adjectives well! =)
Have you be chewing on 'em too much?
Do you have any sense to believe you're pregnant?
How old are you? You might want to move about to an ob/gyn to ask them. Could be PMS.
hormones, pregnancy, PMS, PMDD, see a doctor
would love to help, but no view... for you to feel better is to shift to doc.
Bless your heart. I would say unless you are pregnant it is in recent times hormonal as it is in both breast. Of course w/ both mortal red it may also be a contact allergy to a material surrounded by a new bra or detergent. I would try not to wear a bra for a few days sooner and see if that helps. If you mind any swelling or itching you may also want to try some cortisone cream.
probably hormones...

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