What can I use for a discouraging sun blister on my lip??

I got a really accurate sunburn on my face and forgot to put sunblock on my oral cavity and got this blister on my bottome lip. Any suggestions on what to use for this and how i can achieve rid of it FAST????

Try the over the counter cold sore medication called abreva.
Nice maw I must say.Ok ...this is gonna burn similar to heck but within a hours of daylight or two it will be gone ..Have you ever heard the antiquated saying pore saline on an open wound...saline ...you can either put it on in that straight or you can mix it up in some hose down and make a brackish water solution.and repete this process in the region of three times a day it will clear it up
dance to the local drug store and buy something for it. Abreeva, kind of expensive for for a while tube, works really well. blistex, campho phenique (sp) it comes surrounded by a little bottle and is a juice, you just wipe some on you finger and rub it on your lips. that works really very well! good luck. put some sunblock on your mouth next time
You can't seize rid of it fast. I sunburned my chops for the first time in my enthusiasm a few weeks ago, and I used a sunblock. Any healing lip balm next to moisturizer. It took me 3 days to get things underneath control.
Try Vaseline or 100% Aloe Vera. You can find it in the summer wedge of Walmart or a grocery store. Make sure you read the ingredients though. Sometimes the label will utter Aloe Vera but alcohol is actually the leading ingredient. Don't use that, it will make it worse. I hope you grain better, that sounds painful!

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