If a workman comp doctor suggests you get a attorney, but says i did'nt hear it from her. should i?

have partial tear in rotor cup. employer is trying to say its not work related. They are sending a investigator to my home tommorow. My gutt feeling is not to talk to him at all with out legal representation.

If your rotator cuff is torn, it would be best if the investigator didn't see you playing tennis or practicing your dunks at the basketball goal. The major reason most people need an attorney in workman's compensation cases is that the relationship between your ability to work and the determination of disability is tenuous at best in the way the laws are written. Your shoulder function, I'm guessing, is not that far from normal most of the time, so you can ready yourself for an initial determination that it isn't disabling, and you'll likely need legal help for the appeals process, almost irrespective of whether the injury is work related.
Most people are disappointed and confused about the process. They naturally think, "if I can't do the work, I'm disabled," but that presupposes that the word "disabled" is used in its normal meaning. But in this case, they aren't speaking English; they're speaking Government Jargon, which is a completely different language, and the lawyer can act as an interpreter.

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