Help making a nursing keeping plan. please?

Please help me write a nursing thoroughness plan for this situation
i really need it please.

Mr. X a 45 yr mature male be admitted surrounded by the surgical unit beside a diagnosis of cancer of the esophagus. upon interview you gathered that he have been anorexic for olden times three weeks with accompanying twinge upon swallowing. He appears weak and colourless and verbalized that he had lost a remarkable 6 lbs surrounded by 4 weeks time.

nursing care plan:
nursing diagnosis
nursing intervention

your comfort would mean deeply to me.

For the NANDA diagnosis, I would use Altered Nutrition: Less than Body Requirements reto poor appetite secondary to Esophageal Cancer.

I would close to to help you near your care plan, but I would inevitability to know how your instructor has your forms set up.

You can e-mail me if you want...
It sounds pretty typical of a cancer tolerant, bless his heart. I would have to own a lot more specifics to tailor a thoroughness plan to Mr. X, but for sure he needs to be started on PPN or TPN and IV fluids for hydration(obviously). And bar taking care of the symptoms as they arise, I would strongly suggest counseling. If at hand is a priest or pastor or case planner or therapist on staff at the hospital, achieve them to make a routine look in. The biggest problem (besides the cancer itself), is how the heck does someone deal near the fact that their entire existence is going to back? Good luck, you sound close to you're a great caregiver. Thanks for that.

Also, you may want to have speech psychiatric help do a swallow study on him. Sometimes they can provide techniques to assistance with affliction or obstruction.

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