A rudder stool run over my departed toe.?

at first i didn't feel much weeks after that it's really painful.. what should ido?

own an x ray, possibly you broke it?
Epsom salt soak. heating pad or splint get ex rays, rime and heat.
u cant do anything for it...u cant do anything for a broken toe. newly ice it and run some tylenol...it should heal...no have need of to go to urgent guardianship
Go see the doctor.

Really think you broke it.

Get an X gleam!

Just call a hospital up and relate them what happened!

Peace Out!
How did that begin? Well, anyway, get a doctor to X-Ray it or wear some flip-flops or comfortable shoes on that toe. It can give a hand.
get an xray done that happen to me too not long ago at disneyland ahha

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