3 inch long cut on leg?

I was shaving ending night and somehow ( i be using shaving cream) cut the lower left side of my leg, by my ankle. Its single about a 1/4 of an inch wide open, but its about 3 inches long. It keep bleeding a lot. Bled through two sets of band-aids second night. I have to take Tylenol closing night because of the affliction. I bought neosporin + pain nouns. Besides that, is there anything i can do to stop the the bleeding?

you should give somebody a lift care of this wound properly otherwise it will be infected.
do proper dressing
bear anti biotic
pain murderer
and anti tetanus injectionhttp://weightlooseadvice.blogspot.com/...
i tinl you need stitches
If it's really serious, I would step to my family doctor and find his/her advice .
Regarding stitches, you may hold waited too long (many physicians will not suture a wound after 6 hours enjoy passed). You may want to try a "liquid skin" type product; these can be purchased at most pharmacies or drugstores. If you chose to do this, please follow the instructions scrupulously and monitor your wound for signs of infection (unusual warmth, increased redness/red streaks, swelling, exudation of ashen matter, etc.). Razor cuts bleed more and are more difficult to alleviate than most other lacerations. Of course, going to an Urgent Care center is other an option.

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