37wks pregnant and twinge contained by my leg, final and bump ramdomly that really hurts!?

I have 2 weeks and 5 days to turn until my 2nd child is born. Since Wednesday I have be having really fruitless pains in my right leg that start from my knees and go up to the bottom of my rear legs and then newly under the right side of my bump. It seem to happen more or less the same time of daylight but I think that may basically be a coincidence! I don’t know if she lies on a nerve or something but it get so bad I want to chop my leg past its sell-by date! It can last anything from 1-3 hours. Any accepted wisdom??!!

I'd bet your little angel is trodding on one of the nerves that serves your leg, probably the sciatic nerve or one close to it cause some inflammation. Just bear near it for a little longer, but if you get the impression like it is serious please see your obstetrician, one and only you know what it really feels resembling.
probably lying on the scatic nerve
Try lay down when this happens and lay on one side or the other but put your leg up better than your heart to see if that helps.
Yep she's lay on your sciatic nerve, my tot girl did it aswell, sometimes it just kept me static for ages, or my legs would run under me. Not long in a minute sweetie, although it is annoying!
My sister had alike condition when she was pregnant and discovered it be her sciatic nerve that runs from your lower put money on thru your butt and down your leg! I recommend seeing a reflexologist who works with your hand and feet! Believe it or not my sister who still suffers from pressure on her sciatic visit a reflexologist and it was amazing the difference it made!
fitting Luck !
Thats normal it really hurts in recent times like that...
After audible range stuff like that adjectives the time thats what sometimes make me regard as if i ever wanna get pregnant (of course i want kids one day) but dont wanna travel through so much pain. Even imagine it makes me hurt so defectively, that how'll i do it, as u see women screaming so badly while giving birth. (some even die). Does it really hurt that much....but still BEST OF LUCK!
If you are contained by the u.k phone nhs direct on 0845-4647, or the hospital, or midwife, or doctor. DO NOT WAIT PHONE NOW. It is really the only course to get the warning you need fairly than guessing.
It sounds like sciatica. I have it quite unsuccessfully when carrying my daughter. Try lying down with your foot raised or falsehood on your couch and put a pillow under your knees. You've not get long to go presently and it will all be worth it within the long run. Hope everything goes capably.
I had that problem too! It be my sciatic nerve. It will jump away when you are done! In the mean time, I of late stretched and changed positions a lot to try to carry the baby to move a bit. My legs didn't hurt so much as they fell asleep and get tingly. You may just hold to tough it out. Or you could go bring back a pregnancy massage.
At this point of time, you should not be guessing
and taking any probability.
It is advisable to visit your doctor who may be handling
your casing and get the proper check and guidance.
Your doctor's counsel is advisable specially in the concluding
stages of pregnancy.
Best wishes, have a wonderful kid.

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