Ankle Surgery- Cartilage damage?

Hi everyone,
About three months ago, my ankle turned and jolted quickly, which resulted in pain. I carried on playing on it during the session, as I thought it was a knock. The next day I say a doctor who sent me to physio. The physio said there was no need for a scan, and it was just ankle ligament damage. Round the front of my ankle was very tender. After weeks of massage, ultra-sound, and hot and cold techniques, the tenderness reduces, and I started going on long runs and playing competitive football, although the ankle was still slightly uncomfortable. I then when to see a specialist who took a MRI scan, and he said that there was loose cartilage round the other side of my ankle, about the size of a five p coin. He said he has treated people with damage of a fifty p coin so its not too bad, and it might have been there before the injury or occured at the time. Basically he wants to go in and performe Key-hole suregery, and depending on what he see's remove the loose cartilage and if neccesary, use the bone marrow techinque, where he pokes hole's to attract stem cells to the cartilage. He said I would be a on crutches for three weeks. He said if I wanted the suregery then fine, but if I didn't thats fine and he would stand by. That has kind of left me a bit in decisive. I am a young footballer, 16, 17 in August.
I start Pre-season training on the sixth of August, so if everything goes Ok, I should make it, and also have a Portsmouth Fc trial at the end of August. Baring in mind I have to get fit and prepare for pre-season I don't know if thats enough time. The other choice is, I leave it and play on it as normal. He said it might hurt or it might not. I am thinking of not having the surgery, and taking Maximuscle Ache-free which contains,Glucosamine and many other ingredients to help with cartilage. What do you think? Is loose cartilage around the size of a 5 pence coin, worth having it remove, is there anything else I can do?
Thanks for your help

Hey Jack have the same problem but i am not 17 and don't play football!
I think your on the right track. If there is no pain why worry with a painful operation. If there is pain after you try the above and it stops you doing what you love then get it done.
A 5 piece coin is quite large in a small joint.
There is nothing wrong with getting another opinion
All the best

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