An irregular thought on smoking?

Having been a non smoker for years I enjoy still frequented smokey pubs. Now I will not be a passive smoker any more do you imagine that I might get debt symptoms?

Yes you most certainly will. I owned a block in Spain for a couple of years and although I did not smoke, I experienced a craving for the smoky atmosphere when I sold the place.
It is possible.
lol no

but if you dont hold taking your meds you may do
More than likely you will gain withdrawal symtoms
Do they take home a patch for that?
Don't be silly!

If it bothers you that much, why don't you start smoking?
Good thought. LOL

I have never surrounded by my 34 yrs of life never smoked and I am looking forward to mortal able to budge pubs/bars/restaurants/cafes without putting up next to smokers.
You will feel strange but at lowest possible you won't stink of smoke when you leave the pub!!
I other use to leave next to my dad who is a smoker and always smoked around me, the boyfriends be also smokers, then my husband be a smoker untill last year he granted to quit. it felt strange not person a passive smoker anymore, but you will acquire over it and realise how great it is to go home and not stinking of smoke
Good one,lol.
No but your vigour will improve.
Dam Freeloaders, start buying your own after
Even before the veto you had the choice to frequent smoky or non smoky pubs,so, if you draw from withdrawal symptoms it is up to you as to whether or not you use patch. That is your choice. There is No Choice for smokers who want to have a smoke beside a pint!!
Not much of a free country.
I'm impressed that it never bothered you. I quit smoking about partially a year ago, and already I can't even stand to be in hugely smoky places. I step to bars and in ten minutes in the place I'm attitude sick and have to bestow, even though I smoked a pack a day for ten years and own only be off the smokes for six months...
you`ll probably regard Im strange,but i hated the smell of smoke when I be a smoker.The dirty ashtray also smelled awful.Im so glad that I quit.
you are a effing star for that comment.
It is very possible that you will in actuality crave for a cigarette or at least surface uneasy when you smeel one while walking by someone who is smoking. Although you were not a smoker you are most promising addicted to nicotine which is in the heavens once someone releases the smoke. The best thing to do would probably be to chew Nicorette for a few weeks which will pilfer the craving away from you. I hope that you will be ok, and I wish you the best of luck.
why does smoking smell so doomed to failure?
so the blind know where the cool associates are
i don't think so. Take up a contemporary hobby to take your mind of it.

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