After surgery to a hulking perinal abscess would that hold dilapidated mussle tissue?

after abscess removed have aching in the penis at the underpinning where my mussles contract is it possable that these musscles could hold been dammaged contained by surgery and how long will it take to treat as great pain

u dont articulate how long ago ur surgery was?their is risk of interfere with to any muscle after any type of surgery..if ur surgery was rather recent i would think u are still sore from the trauma of that..if ur surgery be a while back i would see a doctor if u are still surrounded by pain
Yes, any surgery is traumatic, and the penis is a collection of impertinence ends. You should not be suffering pain, you should construct your doc aware of your pain rank. If this was idiotic and meds proscribed you are likely have unnescessary pain, or it might be indicative of a complication.

Talk to your doc, presently.
It is possible with adjectives surgery to have unwanted harmed . Muscles get bigger next to excercise for now if the surgery is fresh rest,provide yourself time to heal.Consult beside your doctor if you feel that your muscles are not recovering .?
An erect penis does not rely on muscle entertainment.,if an erection is what you are worried about an erection is created by blood man forced into spongy tissue .If You are
worried about this your doctor will answer your question.

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