Are my shoes too big or too small?

If I get a blister on the posterior of my ankle from my Vans, even wearing socks, does that mean my shoes are too big or too small? I love those shoes so much, but my foot are killing me!

Blisters come from too much friction. Wear lately one pair of socks. On your restore to health though try putting on a little bit of vaseline to drop off friction. If you can get something call second skin. It's like a gel on a piece of plastic that protects your skin which you after cover with a hulking bandaid.
Blisters are usually from rubbing so your shoes are probably too loose. Try lacing them tighter if they hold laces. You ankle skin will toughen up soon, within the meantime try wearing two pairs of socks to fill out the shoes and drop off friction.
look its because of the consciousness your giving your shoes more than your legs for this you have to put cream and also try not to wear sock as it may be one of the use to cause that blister
they could be any one too big or too small . as well they could be the right size but in recent times made poorly.
i suggest you go to a foot doctor and hold them measure your foot and then buy some shoes from them as they transport very dignified quality shoes.

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