Any sleepwalkers out here?

I sleep walk and is driving me nuts and my poor husband seize no sleep as he is up running around after me making sure I don't hurt myself. Does anyone sleep walk and if so own you found something that helps you to stop?

My husband used to sleepwalk and we found that if he didn't drink a coke after 3pm, he didn't sleepwalk. Strange but true.
I sleep way of walking but not as often as I did when I be younger. All i did was travel wash the dishes and construct coffee lol. My suggestion is go for a sleep study this will backing determine which mediccations are useful for you.
my sister sleep walk it's so funny..
Sorry i cant help you but if you do draw from a cure please let me know as my son (5) sleep crawls, resembling the army men do, really he does the whole leopard crawling piece, its so funny but yes he keeps us up, upright luck

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