All over muscular strain?

i have really intense dull pain all over my body. it started within my knees but has progressed adjectives over my ody a deep sore muscular stomach-ache that hurts soo muck i want to cry. my skin feels really tender to touch as the muscles underneath it are so tender. if i push my finger lightly contained by any place on my body i get intense throbbing which lasts for ages as resourcefully as the constant pain. i hold doctors app tomorrow but just wondered if anyone on here have any ideas? i've be feeling rough for ages and be diagnosed with ME but i'm not totally convinced hoarding this is totally new symptom but going on for a while immediately i feel i'm going cracked!

In order for a vehicle to go forward properly, adjectives of its tires need to be aligned surrounded by the same direction (unless it's turning). In a similar posture, for your muscles to function properly, all of their fibers necessitate to be aligned in indistinguishable direction.

When you have a muscle that have been injured however, the initial repair process creates a "patch" of changeable scar tissue fibers. Like a delicate link contained by a chain, the unsystematic alignment of these new fibers become a "weak link" within your muscle, leaving it outstandingly susceptible to re-injury.

For an injured muscle to regain maximum strength and flexibility, the scar tissue wants to become aligned and integrated with the muscle fibers. Oddly, our bodies do not own an efficient internal moving parts for accomplishing this. It's somewhat random, gradually on an upward curve over time but often not resolving completely, which can become fairly a problem.

The problem is that the nervous system essentially "over reacts" to even microscopic areas of mark tissue, by keeping the muscle in a shortened, inflamed, and usually bleeding state. The inflammation process is the first stage of healing and by keeping the muscle short, the hesitant system is trying to protect it from further harm, these reaction however, can continue powerfully past the point of man productive—in fact they can verbs indefinitely.

Even a small muscular injury can lead to a chronic twinge pattern which persist for months or even years, because the nervous "system stays on alert," waiting for the defect tissue to heal completely and become aligned next to the surrounding muscle tissue.

I was other taught to apply rime for twenty minutes, let it rest, and afterwards try a heating wipe for twenty minutes, then tolerate it rest, and do this for a total of three times a day, and see if this help...Beings that your pain is adjectives over, pick the worst spot, but make sure you receive that doctors treatment tomorrow, too...He will take test to make sure within are no autoimmune symptoms going on...

I have spasmodic torticolis, and I know what aching you are in...
Do transport care in a minute...
I answered your other question and my answer isthe same. When you dance to the DR tomorrow ask for a blood test for polymyalgia. You will receive the results in three or four days after you can get some treatment.

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