All over muscular affliction?

i have really intense anguish all over my body. it started contained by my knees but has progressed adjectives over my body a deep sore muscular backache that hurts soo much i want to cry. my skin feels really tender to touch as the muscles beneath it are so tender. if i push my finger lightly contained by any place on my body i get intense spasm which lasts for ages as ably as the constant pain. i own doctors app tomorrow but just wondered if anyone on here have any ideas? i've be feeling rough for ages and be diagnosed with ME but i'm not totally convinced want ad this is totally new symptom but going on for a while immediately i feel i'm going barmy!

Go to the DR and ask for a simple blood test to check for polymyalgia. This disease can wreak horrendous pains and can be treated with steroids which work instantly but enjoy to be monitored for about 2 years .Make an appointment tomorrow,,,, don't suffer anymore.Good luck
oh my integrity that sounds terrible! i'm really sorry for your anguish. did someone have to type that for you? or are your fingers okay? i'm freshly wondering because my friend had this entity where nearby were micro organisms living within her muscles and made her have profoundly of pain adjectives over and she could write for weeks. Hopefully you aren't like that because it really set her at the back. good luck! i hope you grain better!
se a doctor, are you mad ?
You could own MS, or fibromyalgia, or RSD. You need to be checked by a worthy doctor and if that doctor can't give you a right answer by all process go to another doctor, preferably an arthritis doctor. I hold a chronic pain disease, RSD, and most doctors don't know what it is. Do you own any burning? Did you start experiencing the pain after a trauma to the body, could be something small, resembling a sprained ankle, or finger. You need a apt diagnostician. Good luck

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